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Unique Kart is a curated Online Mall that caters to the premium and specialty luxury goods market, by giving customers easy online access to unique, rare and curated products and services. Made from the best ingredients and materials, every product is handpicked by us for its premium, niche appeal, and is guaranteed for user satisfaction and value. Just like in an actual mall where you find Exclusive Brand Outlets and Multi Brand Outlets, Unique Kart offers a wide range of exclusive and premium products for you too to select – from the comfort of your home or office!

Unique Kart is owned and operated by BizEdge Disha, a division of Vanity Ventures Pvt. Ltd. For this purpose Vanity Ventures Pvt. Ltd. has a strategic
partnerships with Collabrant and Disha Communications.

Have Business Incubated and Business Accelerated over 150 + brands and companies apart from having raised growth capital for brands and companies, over the last two decades. Look up www.collabrant.in for further information.

Have a rich legacy of providing 360-degree brand building, advertising, and communications for over 30 years. With 17 branches across the country and over 250 employees. Disha Communications offers services for brand building, creatives, digital marketing, public relations, media buying, sales promotions and market research. Look up www.dishacom.com for further information


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