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Chocolate Mousse Pastry


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Signature decadent dark chocolate mousse pastry.

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Made from Belgian dark chocolate and whipping cream from France, our decadent chocolate mousse is one of our signature offerings. It is best enjoyed at a temperature between 3-4 degrees.
Fact File: We use sabayon method to make the mousse. To make 1kg sponge we use the same amount of eggs usually used in making 5kg sponge.
No added preservatives/additives, no artificial colour, no artificial flavours, no cake gels.
Ingredients: Almond Powder, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Butter, Cashew, Cocoa Powder, Dairy Whipping Cream, Eggs, Gelatin, Milk Chocolate, Raspberry Puree, Sugar, Vanilla, White Chocolate
Allergens: Egg, Gluten, Lactose
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